My – Lawyer

My – Lawyer

It is program consist of

*Free legal consultation and assistance.
*Law Awareness programs.

Venu: Dubai KMCC
Frequency: FORTNIGHTLY (every Friday 8.30am to 11.30am)
Associated with: Al Obaidli & al Zarooni/Muhammad salman lawyers


Our Values

  • Dignity
  • Punctuality
  • Simplicity
  • Impartiality

Our mission is to educate the people to obey the rules and regulation of the country of domicile.

In efforts to spread awareness about the amnesty in coordination with our embassy and consulate to encourage those who are living here illegally to come forward and take advantage of the opportunity.

During the past amnesty periods, the KMCC office in Dubai made arrangements of an considerable numbers of Air tickets to those deserved poor to their home town. As continued efforts with Indian embassy and consulate to help illegal workers process their applications. Indian Embassy have also offered their help with issuing out passes to citizens in their communities. They have also offered to provide help with their legal documents.

As a socio-political group,  Kerala Muslim Cultural Center (KMCC), helping amnesty seekers, since years this process continued  as and when it was applied. As a latest note  the current amnesty declared by the Govt. of UAE, we have contributed a significant role in the process  like Overall, more than 100 air tickets have been issued to the needy amnesty seekers. These were issued mainly to people from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and other places. a socio-political group we have committed to helping amnesty seekers and we have done to the best of its efforts.

Our Amnesty team is made up of voluntary members, and retains a small number of non-paid professionals. Our team’s  presence, coordinate basic Amnesty  activities normally with a significant number of members, some of whom  form into ‘groups’, and  have a  ‘Structures’. which promote specific themes or have a specific identity, and ‘affiliated groups’, which do the same work as section groups, but in isolation.