My – Future

My – Future

It is an educational initiative   program consists of

*School Fees assistance in selected Dubai schools.
*Instruments –laptops/books
* Awards for topers as an encouragement.

Method: As we receive request from concerned schools.

Associated with: Corporate/individuals.


KMCC celebrated the annual Award Ceremony to recognize and honour meritorious students who had excelled in both scholastic and co-scholastic activities. The occasion was made even more special by the benign presence of  highly placed dignitaries. In such functions KMCC ensure the   parent Representatives, and the proud parents of the awardees. In  welcome address, KMCC president  emphasize  that Education means ‘to draw out’ it enables the bearers to realize their self-potential by providing opportunities to express their latent talents  while lauding the students for their commendable efforts. The  programme culminated with a string of unforgettable melodies that stirred the patriotic  spirit in one and all.



Kerala has always been in the front , when related to  literacy. Since Kerala had a high literacy rate , The central government stopped providing funds to the state literacy mission. As a result of this the state government has started the Lifelong education and Awareness programme  is not just a usual literacy programme. It aims at drastic changes in the literacy programmes with emphasis on job-oriented training and better awareness.The programme will primarily include skill development, vocational training, income generation and improvement of quality of life besides attainment of total primary education. The learners will also be given grace consideration for their achievements in ethnic skills and crafts. Another feature of the programme is that all adults, barring age limit, who have the physical and mental ability for learning can enroll for the programme.

Ministers and political leaders will attend the event which is expected to be a turning point in Kerala literacy mission. In this session KMCC always have an significant role to encourage the people  in coordination with govt. of kerala basic education program, KMCC is being listed as centre for education for equal to SSLC to ensure the literacy development of the keralalites and supports their job opportunities.

An impressive progress has been made in every sphere of elementary education steps by KMCC and the impressive growth is attributed to comparatively a low enrollment base in the initial stage.