Cultural Wing

Cultural Wing

Dubai KMCC has a new initiative, aiming to unite the Arts & Sporting community on various occasions like, Independent day of India, UAE national day and many other special occasions from time to time.

This epic is advancing and with it the Arts & sports gathering.  This event will provide a platform for networking and also inputting into artists and art oriented groups from our India.

During this event people will be involved in open communication and understanding of friendship relationship and also receive rich stress release moment and empowering, challenging environment, where our brothers and sisters will get the opportunity for practical equipping with a “hands on” approach.

National Day

A nation’s people are a product of their history and culture, and a function of the land on which they live. The UAE has a long history, a history that extends well beyond the last 41 years.  History is made up of millions of stories that inspire each generation that passes

KMCC is always hosting The National Day Festival of Dubai in  December every year. It is the day Dubai gained independence from British colonial rule. The most significant day in the history of UAE is National Day  celebration of honor, pride and patriotism.

One of the biggest events in the activities of KMCC is UAE National Day Festival and Indian independent day.  These celebrations are graced with high dignitaries UAE and India. Is being celebrated with great zest amongst locals. Under the patronage of well placed net-work voluntarily participate in the festivities that fill up the air on this great day irrespective of nationalities.

This reviews the eventual unification of the seven emirates  which combined to form the modern-day country and convey the message of its  history of the country and its evolution as a modern and progressive nation over the last decades. The message conclude that, One of the rare places that one can witness the harmonious existence of tradition and modernity together. Folkloric  dances and organize cultural contests as well.

We KMCC  would also definitely be a part of flag mounting /hoisting ceremony at our office  Al Baraha. There are multiple activities including cultural program always been planned by our Centre  like Essay writing competition and exchange the  steps of UAE progress and achievements , Poetry competition with UAE top dignitaries and  leaders as theme of UAE Doodle.

We as KMCC representative Dubai residents were finally able to show our pride, after the first large-scale National Day parade with the coordination of Dubai Police department which  schedule every  year.




Carbon is the fourth most abundant element on Earth and necessary for all life. Yet it is the same element which is a component of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas famous for its effect on Earth’s climate and rising temperatures. During these We explore the role of nature and greenery / hygienic  play in climate change and are taking part in the UN initiated environment day  to help protect nature status  while fighting climate change.

Creating Positive Change for the Environment

Clean-up the world is a global campaign that inspires and empowers communities to clean up, fix up and conserve their environment. Held in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme. it mobilizes an estimated 35 million people across 130 countries each year  making it one of the largest community based environmental campaigns in the world.

In line with KMCC family  join Clean Up the World and help save the environment and Get involved by registering our  organization and its activity and which will appear on the global Clean Up the World Map.!

We inspire and empower community groups, schools, businesses, to join as Members and carry out community-based activities that address local environmental issues.

Our activities is support of a key day on the environmental calendar and/or to address a local environmental issue. Issues  addresses  through a range of initiatives from clean ups. And we educate the members for tree planting activities /  water management and energy conservation projects. We need to match our efforts through education and knowledge to ensure that future generations will continue to make our environment more sustainable.



Characteristically folk art is not influenced by movements. Folk art expresses cultural identity by conveying shared community values and aesthetics. It encompasses a range of utilitarian and decorative segment.

Antique folk art is distinguished from traditional art in that, while collected today based mostly on its artistic merit. Many folk art traditions like quilting, ornamental picture framing, and decoy carving continue to thrive. By organizing this type of activities many organization and locals were highly appreciated to KMCC as it extend the social relationship for community development. It helps lot to develop the existing vacuum in traditional knowledge which is important. Like sharing with others the experience of family life, ethnic origin, occupation, religious beliefs, stage of life, recreation, and geographic proximity, most individuals belong to more than one cultural group.

As experienced it supports lot to understand the traditional knowledge and skills improvements to, plant a garden, arrange a birthday party, or turn a lathe are exchanged in the course of daily living and learned by imitation. It is not simply skills that are transferred in such interactions, but notions about the proper ways to be human at a particular time and place. Whether sung or told, enacted or crafted, traditions are the outcroppings of deep lodes of worldview, knowledge, and wisdom, navigational aids in an ever-fluctuating social world that is main objectives planting by KMCC at this task.