Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre is a glorious organization representing the heart-throb of the Malayalees who have crossed the seas in search of a livelihood.  The organization, through its four decades of dedicated services, has paved a golden path of valuable contributions in the fields of social, cultural and compassionate service. Through its tradition of relentless service KMCC has found a favoured place in the hearts of Gulf Malayalees.  There is no doubt that for any scribe or scholar in search of the past and present of migration, the first name in organized strength that comes to their mind and flows out from their pen will be that of KMCC.  This is an indelible signature etched in golden letters signifying the unparalleled efforts and principled determination of an organization focused on a magnificent goal.

Our past leaders have founded this organization through their strenuous efforts at a time when such progress or development in the areas of technology and employment were unavailable. They have literally shed their blood for sustaining the life of this organization.  We have now reached here after surmounting many challenges and harsh situations.

KMCC represents a tradition of unfortunate make and break in the annals of Muslim League. Two organizations which were active under the separate names of Chandrika Readers’ Forum and Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre eventually became one with the merger of the parent organizations and adopted a common name and path.  From thereon Dubai KMCC has remained a dynamic and persistent activist in promoting the welfare and alleviating the day to day problems of expatriate Indians.

A rich History encompassing four decades is an expedition laden with experiences beyond the description of any Historian.  Excellent organisational skills and varied activities encompassing each and every area of social life have now enabled us to progress through paths hitherto untrodden.  It wouldn’t be surprising to say that there isn’t even a single remote village in Kerala where the helping hands of KMCC have not reached. Crores worth of relief activities, activities through C.H. centres, social service activities such as construction of houses for the needy, medical aid, educational assistance, disaster relief, etc. have made us the inheritors of the tradition of a service model.

We have in our memories times with and without a headquarters.  From meagre facilities we have now grown up to have major facilities.  Our stellar growth has resulted from the blessings received through the prayers of the thousands of ordinary people in our membership, our beneficiaries and our well-wishers.

In an apartment donated by Janab P.A. Abbas Haji, KMCC commenced functioning at Sabka in the year 1991. Through this it was able to take-up unique activities such as Passport-Consul services, Fitr Zakaath collection & distribution, etc.  We have to especially remember Adv. Bevinja Abdulla, Janab P. A. Abbas Haji, Janab C. P. Bava Haji, Janab A. P. Kareem, Janab Yahya Thalangara, Janab Ebrahim Elettil and several other stalwarts who have strengthened this organisation at various stages.

The current team of Office bearers were elected by the council in the year 2012 and headed by the President Janab P. K. Anwar Naha, General Secretary Ibrahim Murichandy and Treasurer T. P. Mahmood Haji. This dynamic team of Seventeen Executives representing all the major districts are entrusted with the challenging task of carrying the reputation of KMCC ahead and exploring new responsibilities to serve the community better and to move with the times.  In an effort to achieve hundred per cent transparency and to attract new generation of youngsters, especially the ones those who are born and brought up in this part of the world, decentralization of power and modern management style is adopted by the new leadership. Various sub-committees touching every sphere of human life are formed with specific tasks and responsibilities and each committee is chaired by one of the dedicated office bearers based on their skills, experience and the resources available. Progressive thinking, brainstorming with the concerned team, team work and the opportunity to work independently bore fruits resulting in the projects being implemented successfully.

KMCC, with a quarter of a lakh of members and ten times this number of well-wishers, now stands huge and tall as a mighty benevolent tree, providing shade and succour, at least for the time-being, to all those who happen to come to the desert.  Dubai KMCC displays a very wide network of activities with its 12 district committees, 65 divisional committees and official sub-committees connected with various necessities. Having relocated to its new Headquarter building at Al-Baraha in 2012, KMCC has experienced an unprecedented and enviable advancement in its esteem, humanitarian and cultural activities and public acceptance.